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A Take On Fake

At CRIS&COCO we cater to the fashion victims who can not leave the house without an iconic handbag. Our customer breathes fashion trends, knows the it-bags, limited editions, collaborations by heart. They respond to trends, succumbs to collecting, and luxury is their oyster!

If you are this kind of person, don’t curb your fashion habits! Instead of dying of FOMO (Fear of missing out), indulge in original quality replicas to make luxury affordable, and complete your wardrobe! Our authentic, high quality copies at sample sale prices made by professionals from genuine leather and authentic hardware allow you to select more.

Let this be our well-kept secret. Don’t ask, don’t tell. Enjoy the original quality of upscale bags to mix with your originals without breaking the bank! So why not order your dream bag from a trusted site like CRIS&COCO to hold it many times over? Enjoy the curation you can trust with the know how you can rely on to complete the perfect look of yourself. Real fake is the new original, in the postmodern world!

Sumptuary Laws

"Shaming a company for selling cheaper versions of thousand-dollar designer items reminds me of medieval sumptuary laws. The audacity of the masses for wearing something reserved to the ruling class!" New York Times

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Street Style Is Taking a Practical Turn

Tiny sunglasses, bite-size bags, extreme platforms: A yen for wildly impractical statement pieces has gripped fashion circles for some time now. Though we certainly enjoy a flight of fancy (especially in uncertain times), it has nevertheless been a pleasure to see a...

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The Legacy of Karl Lagerfeld

An extraordinary creative individual, Karl Lagerfeld reinvented the brand’s codes created by Gabrielle Chanel: the CHANEL jacket and suit, the little black dress, the precious tweeds, the two-tone shoes, the quilted handbags, the pearls and costume jewelry. Regarding...

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“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” ― Oscar Wilde

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Carrie Bradshaw’s Iconic Fendi Baguette Bag Is Back

Carrie Bradshaw's iconic outfits never lost their appeal. The Sex and the City heroine, and more aptly her famed stylist Patricia Field, inspired countless looks whose references have effortlessly lived on. From singlehandedly turning Manolo Blahniks into a wardrobe...

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Two Shades of Black

The Business of Fashion is exploring the grey market of handbags and accessories and fashion in general. Is it for real or twice the scam? is exploring the grey market of handbags and accessories and fashion in general. Is it for real or twice the scam? Fashion’s...

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Logomania is an obsession with no end in sight.

What Gives the Logo Its Legs? Here’s why.   Ms. Silvarolli, a stylist and designer, was swathed from her chin to her calves in the company’s signature double FF logo. Her turnout was excessive, she knew. “As recently as a year ago, you didn’t wear...

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The First Female President Will Not Carry a Handbag

What would the first female president wear? As Angela Merkel, erstwhile model of a modern female leader, prepares to step downas head of her party in Germany, and a wave of potential presidential candidatesemerges in the United States, like Elizabeth Warren, Kamala...

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How to Create the Next Birkin

In the handbag resale market, a few key elements separate the 'It' bag of the moment and an enduring classic. NEW YORK, United States — Imagine the frenzied floor of the New York Stock Exchange during Wall Street’s 1980s heyday: traders scrambling to make deals,...

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PRADA Light’s Out

See Prada’s All-Black Handbag Capsule Collection New Yorkers have a soft spot for the color black, and designers are happy to give us what we want. That’s why the normally colorful Prada decided to go monochromatic to celebrate the brand’s 20th year on 5th Avenue. On...

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Horseplay for DIOR Men

The saddle bag, that famous shape based on a horse’s saddle, and touted by celebrities galore in the ‘90s, and more recently resurrected for the Dior womenswear line to become summer’s new it-Bag, is now available for men, but this time it’s a bum bag in leather....

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What Is the Status Fanny Pack?

Kate Huling, the leather designer behind Marlow Goods, repeats the phrase back at me over the phone, questioning it. Turning it over. And then she laughs — really laughs. The whole concept is just so ridiculous. The words statusand fanny packdo not belong in the same...

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Chinese Lanterns, Filled with Sunlight, Fish and Hope.

In the classic short film “The Red Balloon,” a boy living in a colorless part of Paris befriends a bright red balloon, which follows him to school, waits by his door, provides the warm companionship that is otherwise absent from his life. When the street photographer...

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Three Bags Are Better Than One

Rihanna nails fashion’s most functional look. The singer was seen at Paris fashion week with three Louis Vuitton bags. She’s not alone – at Fendi, Acne Studios and Stefan Cooke, multi-bagging was all over the catwalk A fashion show can last anything between eight and...

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GUCCI Ophidia Small Camera Crossbody Bag

Gucci's elegant Ophidia design is reworked in petite proportions with this camera bag silhouette. Crafted in Italy from the label's iconic GG Supreme fabric, the compact style is complete with brown leather trim, signature .

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The Case for Copying

In his essay “The Death of the Author”, the Theorist Roland Barthes argued that writing many layers of association that can only be unified in the reader’s experience of the text. This meant that the author had no particular...

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DiorAddict Oblique

We are introducing the Dior Oblique Signature Canvas Bags. The vintage pattern has taken its inspiration from Dior’s 70s. DIOR introduced this pattern in the brand’s Fall/Winter 2017 Collection. If you want to save 80% of retail get our original quality replica. We...

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Mica Gianelli Flaunts Saint Laurent

"Today I was having one of those ‘wear as much of one designer as you can without looking tacky’ kinda moment. I went monogram mad! Designer of choice: Saint Laurent. Is it too much? To some – maybe. For moi? Never! The more, the merrier I say. Stack ’em up, stack ’em...

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