Tiny sunglasses, bite-size bags, extreme platforms: A yen for wildly impractical statement pieces has gripped fashion circles for some time now. Though we certainly enjoy a flight of fancy (especially in uncertain times), it has nevertheless been a pleasure to see a healthy dose of practicality return to the streets outside Fashion Week. It’s as though showgoers collectively threw up their hands and gave in to logic—quite literally, in the case of crossbody bags, which leave one’s extremities free for more important things. Ditto for the return of normal-sized sunglasses (the better to see with) and the full-throated embrace of sneakers for navigating the world without missing a beat. There’s a time and a place for unhampered escapism, and one for buckling down and getting back to business. Here’s to the latter sort of look—and everything you need to cop it, below.


By Madeline Fass, vogue.com.