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We couldn’t make this up

Hi, I have my bag, and I love it! so pleased, (the driver couldn’t find my farm so he left it at the local post office and I collected it today)

Thank you for your help tracking the package. I like the bag in the dark blue grey also on your website. I will buy from you again.

Many thanks, Jill Watson.

Jill Watson. Hastings, UK

Hi Cris, I received the LV Dauphine last night.
All I can say is wow!!!
I own four real LVs and this is simply stunning!!
I could not bring myself to pay $2800 for the real one.
Thank you for making a quality product.
I love LV but some of there pieces are simply way too pricey.
Maybe you should think about adding more pieces to the LV part of your line?
I am on Purse Forum and the ever popular Pochette Metis in reverse is highly coveted and impossible to get; also the Favorite is highly sought after and impossible to get as well.
Thanks again! Leesa Gibbs

Leesa Gibbs. Malibu, CA

Hi Cris, Container bag ist here and looks perfect. I ordered a white one too and PP ist working now. Best Andy Furman. Zürich, Switzerland

Andy Furman. Zürich, Switzerland

So far my friends think the Louis Vuitton is 100. I gave no indication otherwise. The Supreme is stunning too. Aleta Wolfe

Aleta Wolfe. Beacon, NY

Hi Cris

I received the bag and am totally speechless. I absolutely love the quality!

May I ask if there will be a Chanel Jumbo Flapbag or Chanel XXL Airline Flap bag in the near future on your site to purchase? Also, is the Gucci Marmont belt available in cognac brown anytime soon? 

Best Sabina

Sabina von Esch. Genf, Switzerland