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Hi, I have my bag, and I love it! so pleased, (the driver couldn’t find my farm so he left it at the local post office and I collected it today)

Thank you for your help tracking the package. I like the bag in the dark blue grey also on your website. I will buy from you again.

Many thanks, Jill Watson.

Jill Watson. Hastings, UK

Hi Cris, I received the LV Dauphine last night.
All I can say is wow!!!
I own four real LVs and this is simply stunning!!
I could not bring myself to pay $2800 for the real one.
Thank you for making a quality product.
I love LV but some of there pieces are simply way too pricey.
Maybe you should think about adding more pieces to the LV part of your line?
I am on Purse Forum and the ever popular Pochette Metis in reverse is highly coveted and impossible to get; also the Favorite is highly sought after and impossible to get as well.
Thanks again! Leesa Gibbs

Leesa Gibbs. Malibu, CA

Hi Cris, Container bag ist here and looks perfect. I ordered a white one too and PP ist working now. Best Andy Furman. Zürich, Switzerland

Andy Furman. Zürich Switzerland

So far my friends think the Louis Vuitton is 100. I gave no indication otherwise. The Supreme is stunning too. Aleta Wolfe

Aleta Wolfe. Beacon, NY